Monday, January 16, 2017

“Your words of love”

It’s another dream 
Dreaming you in and around me 

You stood there looking at me 
And I ran to you like a river moves into ocean

You were the ocean of love & life to me 
It was a union of love and passion 

It begun with your words,
Words of comfort and love and passion hidden!

The words were covered with your frozen smile
Your smile had all the emotions of a lifetime
Our lifetime spent in moments together
Looking into each other’s eyes and
Holding the hands tightly as if never to depart

Your words turned into your hands and my hands
Caressing each other’s eternal bodies for passion
Passions burnt and turned into ageless words

The words of love and passion
Has everything in them, our broken breaths
Our burning desires and flames of ecstasy
And a long silence thereafter!!!

I am laying now and remembering you
Through your words oh my love
Where are you?


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