Sunday, May 8, 2011

JUST FOR YOU ....!!!

A cozy night of chilling winter waves …
Beside a lake front …
Wrapped by a thin fabric …
White fabric, which will be displaying only our love and nothing else…

Talking nothing …
Sitting in silence...
A silence of unspoken words…..
Words of love …….!!!

As the full moon shines its milky shades on our faces,
I hold your face slowly in my both hands,
And say those three magic words...


But ,to realize the dreams,
Sometimes we have to leave ,
our life much behind;
So that,
We can slip into the great sleep of togetherness;
And then …In a moment of bliss,
The dream comes true…!!!

May be some other time...
Some other day...
Some other full night moon...
We will be in each other’s arms,
And that will be a dream of reality!!!


  1. hindi me likhi kavita se jyada prabhavi laga.sapne sach hote hain hamare khyalon me ,kalpnaon me,ek muskurahat aa hi jaati hai..

  2. Hope is the essence of life...very touching thoughts and their beautiful expression...

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    The first words of your poem are indeed beautiful and very inviting, words which make one feel so very special. The imagery you have woven through the lines really adds substance and impact to your word picture, this allows your reader to be able to experience each facet you have woven through the lines here. There is a certain feeling of serenity coming through adding a softness which is beautiful. We all have our dreams and hopes which are very important to us, the final stanza says it all. Well done, I do encourage you to continue with your writing.


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    I did love someone indeed. and we still are separated by certain 'lengths'. This poem just gives me hope that one day that'll all change and we'll be together. Your last 5 lines filled my heart. Thank you for sharing. I sincerely loved your poem.


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    I think you have a beautiful love poem I think you have a lovely poem here and the thoughts are universal enough that many will relate. with paper in hand and pen ever ready, keep the ink flowing freely.


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    a good poem penned - ah... yeah wrapped in just a little thin fabric, sounds good to me spill ink and twist me into the crazy shape of love.

    chasing the day

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    Title / intro is: Good

    My favorite line is: "A cozy night of chilling winter waves …"

    You certainly have a talent with words - your imagery and metaphor are nicely penned. I felt as if you had written this poem for someone you might have been with in the past, and have such a strong love/longing for. I hope if this is your reality, you both will be together again if at all possible. Great job on your poem!

    Greeter Team Leader

    I liked it , thanks!