Monday, November 25, 2013


It was a lonely dark night
And chilling too
When you knocked my door

The same door & old house
Which you have not visited for years
And where you first came to meet me
Many years back
Tonight you suddenly recalled
That I still exist
In this material world

I opened the old door
Its age was equal to my memories of you

You stood on the other side of the door
And I stood on this side of my life with your memories
And than I looked at you!

You still look beautiful
Just like you were so many years ago

I saw your misty eyes
Filled with the tears of my name

You looked at me and
Asked for those poems
Which I wrote
In your absence
For you!

I told you that they are lost
In the wildness of my life
And hard trials of my existence and survival!

I am left with nothing to offer
Except those memories
Which I lived with your imagination

Your tears rolled down
And you left me alone

This time forever!

I stood on this side of door of my life
Waiting for you
Knowing that you will never come

poem © vijay kumar